Carved on marble, granite, limestone, and sandstone, our portfolio of dimensional surfaces are available as modular panels for both interior and exterior spaces with each surface having a unique inspiration and story behind it.


Three-dimensional abstracts or representative form that embraces the potential of natural stone sculpted using a combination of hand-craftsmanship and digital innovation ranging from pieces of furniture, art, decorative elements, vanities and more.


Natural stone used as an architectural and design element in interiors and exteriors including facades, water feature elements, and public spaces. These can be limited to a simple decorative panel or as expansive as the entire skin of a building.


When the collaboration transcends “patronage” to become real “partners” is when inspiration is delivered. Collaborations are when our clients are as keen as we are to embrace the potential of stone as a design, architectural, structural, or sculptural element.

Our Story

Stone is the symbol of eternity. At Anoma we celebrate the potential of natural stone through surfaces, sculptures, and installations.
Through a combination of digital manufacturing and traditional hand craftsmanship, Anoma reimagines stone as an architectural and design element.



In the news

Over the years, Anoma has garnered widespread International acclaim and recognition. It has been recognized in the media by leading publications and associated itself with industry events to showcase their diverse portfolio. Take a look at the numerous awards and accolades that Anoma has and continues to receive.