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Good design and quality of sculptures are jewels of your interior design, a home is complete when art pieces and sculptures complement your furniture. Thus to pair with your home we use concepts like nature and garden insects to design our sculptures. For example, a natural stone paneling of a plant pot is inspired by the nutrient-giving sap of a tree called “Xylem”. This idea goes with the plant pot being a variant of the tree and it energizes your garden space by definition. Therefore our designs result are stunning, splendid, and classy.


Our Story

Stone is the symbol of eternity. Carved stone patterns, as an architectural element, bring together style and function and remain unmatched forms of deco. As our imagination and technical innovation evolved, patterns developed in ambition and scope, providing us at Anoma limitless opportunity for visual expression and innovative adornment.
Anoma, is a family-run artisanal business, which combines digital manufacturing and traditional handcraftsmanship, primarily in Marble, Limestone and Granite. Everyday is an experiment in our factories, where we strive to delight and surprise our clientele, bowling the material form to our fantasy.
For the intent is always to inspire, not to impress.
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