I have been scuba diving since I was 16 and have been fascinated by the life under the sea. This was the fount of inspiration for the aqueous collection. The collection came into inception after I visited Sipadan in Malaysia.

The Anemone is one of sculptures under this collection that derives inspiration from aqueous forms and textures – those of corals and the sea anemone.  The sculpture is carved out of Carrara White Marble and Absolute Black Granite and stands on an antique brass or steel base. Its edge is defined by polished brass detailing, which follows and accentuates the outer form of the sculpture.


Numerous tiny formations – in a reference to fungal growth – seem to naturally erupt from the surface of the sculpture, lending it a unique texture.


With the Anemone, I was driven solely by artistic ambition. The intent was to create something completely unexpected in stone – something that would inspire curiosity and awe. A sculpture so richly detailed that people would find it hard to believe it was crafted from stone.


The design process, therefore, consisted of a long series of steps. After initial hand drawings, the idea was transferred to computer modeling software. Next, the model was fed into a CNC milling machine and digitally manufactured.

Finally, it was finished by hand: it was scrubbed multiple times to provide the surface a perforated and tactile quality. The process was highly time-intensive: one square foot of the sculpture required 10-12 days to program and manufacture, and another 10-12 days to finish.


The sculpture is available in several permutations – free-standing or wall-hanging, and semicircular or circular.