Anoma Custom Fireplaces

Anoma Custom Fireplaces

Fireplaces are an archetypal symbol of warmth and comfort.

Their primary function of providing heat and protection against the cold has evolved over the years. Today, the hearth of a fireplace is the heart of a home, a functional social space, where a family gathers around in good times and bad, comforted by the warmth of the fire.


Fireplaces have a long, rich history and are steeped with symbolism across cultures: they are believed to possess powers to ward off evil, cleanse homes. In some places around the world, they are even viewed as shrines, and as aids to achieve spiritual harmony. It is only befitting, therefore, that a fireplace be celebrated and adorned in every home.

Anoma helps you create your dream fireplace

Anoma helps you create your dream fireplace, a place to gather around, and a place you’ll cherish. Our design team can offer a multitude of options ranging from our in-stock dimensional stone surfaces or we could custom fabricate a Fireplace Facia, which could be backlit and front lit to create multiple ambiences and can cater to different design sensibilities.


The fireplace facia can be created for a new build or a renovation. For a custom build, once we have the dimensions of the space, we create a two-dimensional drawing, followed by a three dimensional rendering to help you visualize the space with backlighting and front lighting. All our patterns are available in Pristine White Marble, Graphite grey Granite, Taj White Marble and Crema Limestone.


We also offer the option of creating all our installations as seamless installations, minimizing the visibility of the seams. The patterns and the placement are designed as such that the seams are along the patterns. The patterns are entirely fitted and layed out by our skilled craftsmen, and delivered to you along with drawings and referencing, ready to be installed like a jigsaw puzzle.

Our design team will walk you through the entire process from conception to installation

Our design team will walk you through the entire process from conception to installation to ensure you have a beautiful installation in your home which you can celebrate through generations.

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