Puritsu, Bhopal

Puritsu, Bhopal

As a child, one of my favourite activities to indulge in was origami – the traditional Japanese art of paper-folding. In 2014, when I was itching for ideas for a new collection of surfaces, I sought inspiration in this art. This resulted in the EDIDA-winning Ishi Kiri collection that exploits the pleats and creases (as in paper) in multi-dimensional forms to create dramatic stone surfaces.


Each surface from this collection can be used in various permutations and combinations to create customised installations. For example, we’ve recently completed a project in Bhopal, India, that interprets the Puritsu to create a stunning installation. Conceptualized for a private residence, the back-lit installation sheaths one wall in the bedroom;the patterns are organic, lending an artistic appeal to the entire setup.


Crafted out of Pristine White Marble, The Puritsu creatively captures lightness and translucency in stone. It is created through an innovative process that combines the possibilities of digital fabrication with the humanism of handcraftsmanship. For over 8 months, we experimented with various paper-folding techniques and carving depthsto interpret translucency in white stone.


Working with a critical eye for detail and constant refinement, several prototypes were developed; a range of patterns, materials, and tools were employed in an effort to gauge what worked best. This involved dimensions being translated into manufacturing directives and being fed into a Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) milling machine. The machine-cut surface panels were finally finished by hand –adding a human touch to a largely digitally-fabricated product.


Assembled in one seamless form with the help of interlocking joints, the Puritsu explores and redefines the possibilities of natural stone in design and architecture. It remains one of our highest-selling patterns and a personal favourite of mine from the many iterations that we’ve designed at Anoma.