The Grid, New Delhi

The Grid, New Delhi

The Grid is a special-order installation in New Delhi, India, that creates a latticed stone screen with a unique composition of squares. Carved out of shot-blasted Jurassic Gold Limestone, it is an assemblage of several distinct modules. Standing on a metal framework, these modules unite together to span the entire height of a four-storey residential building.


Like most of our work, The Grid is also crafted out of an intricate and a customised manufacturing process –drafting rough prototypes on paper, feeding directives into a Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) milling machine and finishing the machine-cut panels by hand to add a human touch to the digitally-fabricated product.


The Grid, also available as a modular surface panel in Graphite Grey Granite, Crema Limestone, and Pristine White Marble, is a part of Anoma’s Crosta collection. The collection derives its name from the Latin word ‘crusta’, creating perforated surface skins or envelopes that allow buildings to breathe.