The Kona at The Row Hotel, USA

The Kona at The Row Hotel, USA

After a long and tough grind, our special-order Kona installation at The Row Hotel at Assembly Row, Somerville, Massachusetts, USA has finally come to life. An Art-Deco inspired mural, a customised Kona surface panel graces the façade of the hotel.

The installation, carved out of shot blasted Graphite Grey Granite,is inspired from the geometric forms of Cubism and thus are a hallmark of the historic visual style.It is designed as an assemblage of multiple pieces that fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. Our intervention at The Row Hotel also includes two panels adjacent to the custom Kona panel on the façade of the building and four planters alongside the entryway, in the same stone.

The installation was crafted through a unique work process that combines digital fabrication and hand craftsmanship, where individual stone pieces were first conceived and cut along the lines of the pattern and then installed for a seamless look.


Exploring the potential of natural stone, the Kona is also available as a modular surface.

It is part of Anoma’s Breathing Surfaces Collection that celebrates pure geometry. It is created from a unique composition of intersecting straight lines that build a dynamic play of depth and dimension.