The Xylem

The Xylem

The Xylem, part of Anoma’s Breathing Surfaces collection, draws inspiration from the subtle patterns of leaf veins and highlights these oft over-looked textures, bringing them to the forefront.

We’ve worked on several projects over the last few years that interpret the patterns of the Xylem while its modular surface version continues to be one of our most popular offerings.

The Xylem, New Delhi, is designed as a special-order installation for a private residence in India. Two back-lit, lattice cut-out panels created in Absolute Black Granite stand on either side of the entrance of an 18’ high standalone structure, while a third panel, carved in relief in Crema Limestone, welcomes visitors into the residence.

To complement the lattice panels, a granite water body features sculptural elements of the Xylem leaves and lotus flowers carved in Taj White Marble that appear to be floating on water.
Another interesting project is a façade installation of the Xylem in Autumn Brown Quartzite for a private residence in Noida, India. Featuring a scaled-up version of the Xylem that has been used as a lattice, a special framework was created to ensure no joints were visible so the sculptural installation appeared seamless.

For the same project, the boundary wall of the residence is done in a scaled down version of the Xylem with individual panels that are progressively carved. This creates a completely different light and shadow effect. The boundary wall has two alternate panels of the Xylem installation: an engraved panel and a plain shot-blasted stone panel.

The Xylem, has been one of the most well received patterns and also the most versatile as the organic form is open to multiple interpretations.