Nozomi Restaurant

One of our most recent installations was with the Japanese architectural firm Studio Glitt for Nozomi restaurant in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The initial two-dimensional idea of traditional Islamic geometric pattern received from the architects was interpreted and developed by us into a three-dimensional design for natural stone.

Two lattice screens stand on either side of the entrance to the restaurant with each screen composed of six individual 10’ x 2’ panels carved in 2” thick Autumn Brown Quartzite. These panels are carved on both the front and serve as free-standing partitions in the restaurant.

For the screens to appear free-standing and not have any framing, six inches from the bottom was inserted into the floor and six inches from the top was held with a channel that went into the ceiling. This installation allowed us to do away with any stainless steel, metal pins, or any other fabrications.

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