Continuum, Accent Wall
Interior, Residential

The Continuum installation in Bhopal, India captures the inherent energy, dynamism, and translucency of water. Marked by sinuous curves, it immortalizes sea waves and currents.

Carved out of Pristine White Marble, this interpretation of the Continuum resonates purity. The backlighting of this installation highlights the dichotomy of being able to achieve the translucency of water through stone. This installation stands on a polished brass frame in the living room of a private residence.

To create this installation, the concept was transferred to a 3D modeling software. Next, the model was fed into a CNC milling machine and digitally manufactured. Finally, it was finished by skilled hand craftsmen who added a layer of intricate textures to the installation.

This large installation required interlocking joints which flow along the pattern, making them invisible to the naked eye. The process wash highly time-insensitive: one square foot of the installation required 10-12 days to program and manufacture, and another 10-12 days to finish.