Kona, Landscape & Facade
Exterior, Residential

Most of the patterns we create offer limitless possibilities and can be interpreted in diverse ways. One such project that we’ve recently completed is a set of two special-order installations carved out of Cecelia Gold Limestone for a private residence in New Delhi, India. The two installations adaptions of the Kona are a celebration of pure geometry.

The first installation graces the facade of the house, almost like a wrap around the building. The very scale of the installation is staggering, creating a distinct identity for the building within its neighborhood. Created from a unique composition of intersecting straight lines, the patterns of the Kona highlight natural light and shadow throughout the day. The installation is backlit and emerges as a lantern in the urbanscape darkness of the evening.

The second installation is placed on the green terrace of the house. It adorns two adjacent walls, enclosing the entertainment space. It is two-sided, also forming a part of the elevation of the residence.

A combination of engraved patterns and jaali (traditional Indian stone screen work), this backlit installation is crafted through our unique work process that combines digital fabrication and hand craftsmanship. It presents a dynamic play of texture, dimensionality, and depth on the surface of the stone.