Quartzite Collection
Autumn Brown Quartzite / 24" x 96"

The Contour, part of the Quartzite series, derives inspiration from land-form contours. The Contour embodies the physical representation of the Earth’s surface.

Like most of our work, the Contour is crafted using an intricate and customized manufacturing process. This begins with drafting rough prototypes on paper, feeding directives into a Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) milling machine, and then finishing the machine-cut panels by hand to add a human touch to the digitally-fabricated product.

The Contour is available in modular panels measuring 24” X 96” and is carved exclusively in Autumn Grey and Autumn Brown Quartzite for facades and architectural surfaces. The patterns on the Contour are customizable and can be interpreted to suit specific project requirements across varied scales and typologies.

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