Kinetic #07
Kinetic Collection
Graphite Grey Granite / 24" x 48"


The word “kinetic” has roots in the Greek word “kinetikos” meaning motion. The Kinetic collection explores parametric movement by featuring surfaces that appear to be in motion which add a spirit of dynamism and life to natural stone.

The Kinetic #07, from the Kinetic collection, symbolizes raw energy in flux. Its patterns create a three-dimensional effect, enhancing the play of light and shadow on the surface.

Like most of our work, the Kinetic #07 is crafted using an intricate and customized manufacturing process. This begins with drafting rough prototypes on paper, feeding directives into a Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) milling machine, and then finishing the machine-cut panels by hand to add a human touch to the digitally-fabricated product.

The Kinetic #07 is available in modular panels measuring 24” X 48” in four material choices: Graphite Gray Granite, Crèma Limestone, Taj White Marble, and Pristine White Marble. The patterns on the Kinetic #07 are customizable and can be interpreted to suit specific project requirements across varied scales and typologies.

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