What is natural stone?
Each corner of the world and each layer of earth yield a multitude of natural stone varieties. Each variety of natural stone has unique characteristics giving one a vast palette of possible applications.
What are the different kinds of natural stone?
Granite, limestone, marble, sandstone, slate, and travertine are some of the most common natural building stones. However, there are countless other options available including agglomerate, flagstone, onyx, porphyry, quartzite, semi-precious stones, shell-stone, soap-stone, and sodalite.
What natural stone varieties does Anoma specialize in?
We create dimensional surfaces with a variety of patterns and textures, and tend to use stone which has a sturdy, consistent composition and a neutral palette. We use several kinds of marble, granite, limestone, and sandstone for our surfaces. You can find our current standard offerings in the products section. We also cater to special orders and custom requirements.
Do certain stone varieties have a minimum thickness level?
Yes. If the natural character of the stone has excessive inherent cracks and veins, we will recommend a certain thickness. For our standard dimensional surfaces, we use 20mm (3/4”) as the raw material.
Where is your primary production unit?
It is located in the National Capital Region of New Delhi, India.
How do you create these unique textures, depth, and patterns on natural stone?
Designs are created using the latest software and then fed into Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) milling and water jet machines. The finishing touches are completed by hand by master craftsmen.
Apart from the ones displayed here, do you have other patterns which can be customized?
Yes. We have plenty of patterns and textures which can be customized. We require a project brief, design intent, budget, etc. to be able to propose a custom solution.
Do you recommend certain patterns or stones for particular applications?
Yes. We strongly recommend granite or marble for the wet areas of washrooms as it will be easier to maintain than limestone. We also recommend dimensional surfaces such as Kinetic#01 or Rokakku from our signature surfaces where you can backlight the wall.
Why should I use natural stone in my home?
The sheer beauty and elegance of natural stone is unparalleled to any other man made material. Natural stone is very low maintenance and timeless in its appeal.
Where in my home can I use natural stone?
You can create feature walls in high visibility areas such as the foyer or powder rooms. You can use it for flooring in all areas of the house. You can also use it anywhere in the house in the form of art as sculptures or murals. You can also use natural stone outside in landscaping areas, terrace gardens, or as partition screens.
Does your cost vary from state to state within the US?
Yes it does. This is largely due to transportation and tax costs.
Is there a minimum order volume?
We have no minimum order quantity.
What is your turnaround time?
Please estimate 12-14 weeks after the order is confirmed.
Do you have these modular panels in stock?
Yes. These can be ordered through our distributor partners.
What do I need to bring to the supplier’s showroom to select my slabs or tile?
Please bring samples of paint colors, fabrics, cabinet finishes, carpet, and wallpaper with you. Our distributors will assist you by working closely with your builder or designer.
Can I buy from Anoma directly?
Yes, if there are no distributors in your area.
Do I need to make an appointment with Anoma for selecting stone?
Yes. Prior appointments are recommended with our local distributors to help you make the most of your time.