Splice Furniture

The Snail is an interpretation that explores the morphology of the common garden snail. Designed as an artistic sitting bench, it is composed of multiple wooden splices that are connected via a rod inside.

Made with plywood, the Snail is available in two different sizes measuring 78” x 56” and 102” x 56”.


The Caterpillar is a parametrically designed sculpture this is inspired by the form of a common garden insect. It is designed as a sitting bench composed of slab splices of wood and stone.

Made with plywood, the Caterpillar is available in three different sizes measuring 96” x 22”, 96” x 24”, and 144” x 22”.


The Splice is a digitally fabricated chair that brings together multiple planar splices in wood or stone to create dynamic morphologies.

Made with plywood, the Splice is available in one size measuring 27.5” x 27.5”.