Anoma for Landscape Design : Water Features

Anoma for Landscape Design : Water Features

In continuation to our Anoma for Landscape series, in this post we will be focusing on water features and how they can enhance your experience and the aesthetic of a space.

Water features can be as subtle as a reflective pools, more elaborate as vertical/horizontal murals with spouts and/or sculptures, or even as elaborate as classical Roman or Greek fountains.
Kinetic 07 Graphite Grey Granite Stone Water Wall Night

Reflective water bodies have an understated elegance, and can be used to accentuate your wall features or sculptures. These can be large, low pools with overflow edges or smaller, raised contained features. The image above, showcases a special order installation of our dimensional wall surfaces, flanked by a large reflective water feature. The wall feature is carved in Graphite Grey Granite and the undulated texture is parametrically designed and digitally fabricated.

Spire Night

Another of our recent installations featured a raised reflective water feature approximately 15’ in length. The edge moulding is carved in 2” thick Absolute Black Granite and mirror polished and the entire water feature is raised by 18” from the ground level, allowing for water to gently cascade down the edges and fall on the pebbles on the edges. This creates a soothing sound, while ensuring no large splashes.

Anoma Spire Grating Water Feature

The Spire grating detail of the water feature is a lattice in Graphite Grey Granite, which is not only functional but also stunning! The spire lattice is carved in 2” thick stone and is backlit.

Anoma Stone Spire Grating Water Feature
While conceptualizing water features, we try and design in a way that the maintenance is minimum and the water feature looks complete even without running water.

One such water feature is the Puritsu cascade, which has multiple layers of carved stone discs with water cascading from the center. The entire feature could be a large sculptural installation or a water feature as per one’s preference.

Anoma Stone Puritsu Water Feature Natural Stone

The base stone of the entire 40 feet long water feature was carved elaborately with Puritsu discs in multiple colors of stone and at varied levels placed on top of the base stone.

Anoma Stone Puritsu Water Feature Natural Stone Fountain

The nozzle in the center allows for water to cascade across the carvings on the stone and creates a beautiful movement on the dimensional surface and a gentle rippling sound.

Anoma Stone Puritsu Graphite Grey Granite Water Feature Natural Stone Water Fountain

Addition of sculptural elements on top of the water feature is another way to create a visually appealing feature with minimum maintenance. The rendering underneath shows a conceptual view of Xylem leaves and lotus sculptures which appear to be floating on top of the water.

Anoma Stone Lotus Leaves Carved Stone Marble Natural Stone

We have devised a fixing mechanism which ensures the stability and safety of these sculptural elements. They are also removable in case of adverse weather conditions or heavy maintenance.

Anoma Stone Custom Xylem Installation Marble Lotus Leaves Natural Stone Carved Stone

In the next edition of Anoma for Landscape, we will be continuing with water features, with an emphasis on water walls.

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