Atypical Luxury Sculptures for Your Home and Garden – The Cuboid By Anoma

Atypical Luxury Sculptures for Your Home and Garden – The Cuboid By Anoma

With spring rapidly approaching, one would start to look forward to spending time outdoors. Designers are incorporating chic, stylish outdoor living spaces for residential, hospitality and commercial spaces as research increasingly shows that exposure to nature offers therapeutic benefits and increases productivity.

Anoma believes in designing spaces with form and function and provides distinctive accents for landscape.

The potential for Anoma natural stone in landscape design is endless. Accent walls, fountains, planters, firepits, lattice screens, waterwalls, you name it! Over the next two months we will explore the multiple ways Anoma stone can enhance landscape design.

One of our most distinctive accents are our Cuboids. 

Anoma Cuboids were designed with functionality and a whole lot of character in mind. These natural stone sculptures are ready-to-install in any space and can be used in multiple ways. They are an elegant addition to any outdoor space, be it along the driveway, at the entrance porch or by the poolside.

These Cuboids are available with and without illumination and are essentially art pieces that can be used as planter boxes, fire-pits, or simply as a piece of sculpture!

The Cuboids are offered in three patterns – the Kona, the Shift, and the Grid and are offered in five types of natural stone – Taj White Marble, Graphite Grey Granite, Dhrangadhra Stone, Agra Red, and Gwalior White.

All these materials are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. These are available in three sizes : 18″x18″, 24″x24″, and 18″x36″.

Anoma Natural Stone Cuboids Kona
Anoma Natural Stone Cuboid Planters Shift
Anoma Natural Stone Cuboid Grid
Anoma Kona Cuboid Planter Size Guide

For some extra flair, we recommend using our Illuminated Cuboids, which are great for outdoor gardens and commercial spaces. The Illuminated Cuboids are offered in three patterns – the Kona, Kinetic #01, and Xylem and three natural stone colors – Taj White Marble, Graphite Grey Granite, and Crema Limestone. Illuminated Cuboids are offered in three standard sizes: 36″x36″, 60″x36″, and 18″x48″.


The Cuboids & Illuminated Cuboids make excellent planter boxes and can also be converted into fire pits for outdoor spaces!

Our Cuboids and Illuminated Cuboids are currently in stock at the Anoma Experience Center in Gardena, CA. Interested in a custom Cuboid or Illuminated Cuboid? Schedule an appointment today to see what Anoma can do for you by calling (310) 817-4828 or emailing