Nozomi Restaurant

Nozomi Restaurant

Embracing the potential of natural stone as an architectural and sculptural element allows us, at Anoma, to create designs that are complex and unique.

Over the years we have collaborated with artists, architects, interior designers, landscape architects and product designers to develop a series of custom surfaces, artworks and sculptures that allow us to discover the unexplored. One of our most recent collaborations was with the Japanese architectural firm Studio Glitt for Nozomi restaurant in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

We helped translate Studio Glitt’s designs in natural stone to bring life to their creative vision. The initial, two-dimensional idea of a traditional Islamic geometric pattern received from the architects was interpreted and developed in three-dimensions by us.
2 lattice screens stand on either side of the entrance to the restaurant, each composed of 6 individual 10 feet x 2 feet panels carved in 2-inch thick Autumn Brown Quartzite.

These panels are carved on both sides and feature as a free-standing partition in the restaurant.


For the screens to appear free-standing and not have any framing, six inches from the bottom was inserted in the floor and six inches from the top was held with a channel that went into the ceiling. This allowed us to do away with any stainless steel, metal pins or any other fabrications.

This collaboration between Studio Glitt and Anoma for Nozomi restaurant came together beautifully and seamlessly. While Anoma brought in its expertise with natural stone, the architects’ creative ideas fueled the process.